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Opening spaces | Obrint espais

Action at Barcelona’s empty lot “Germanetes,” a space whose planned buildings and infrastructures have been delayed within the current crisis scenario. Located at Eixample’s district, “Germanetes” has been fenced and closed until recently.
Chromakeying “vanished” temporarily these walls and fences by organizing an action where participants held green fabric banners, as a means to symbolize the neighbors' struggle to open and recuperate this space to the public.
Inspired by both the world of illusionism of early cinema and the tradition of site-specific art, Chromakeying seeks to “vanish” temporarily –in real time and on site- some urban devices. By intervening these devices –painting or covering them with green color so that they function as a Chroma screen- this work enhances the presence and role of these devices in shaping urban life, while they simultaneously “vanish” at the footage recorded on site.

Chromakeying|Barcelona was produced within the open callDISPOSITIUS POSTand in collaboration with neighbors, friends and the association Recreant Cruïlles. Camera: Blanca del Rey and Moviola Productions.