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Ruidero (NYC, 2017/18) is an ongoing visual and sound inquiry on the experience of noise by Thelma García and Laia Solé. They nottice, register, and then isolate and transform the excess of visual and sound bits of information into an experience for passersby that blends present experiences with the pre-recorded noises and images, through smartphone-related technology.

In its first iteration Ruidero was part of Senses/Art in Odd Places (AIOP), a public arts festival developed along 14th street. Ruidero proposed a collection of 5 "hits" of the 14th street everyday noises, which passersby could acces through QR codes and using headphones.

What is noise [ruido]? Can noise be appealing? Is noise the experience of current digital era? Ruidero is an ongoing exploration of everyday life “noises” within city streets. We isolate and transform visual and auditive bits of information. We display them on site, through smartphone related technology, for passersby to experience an enhanced present, in which our soundtracks and photographs blend with the excess of images, sounds of public spaces.

In its second iteration, noises from Barcelona were shipped to NYC for the exhibition at Whose language does the produce speak?, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York, 2018.

sample of ruidero track / barcelona