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Tultitland, 2013, site-specific & performance
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Tultitland is a collective and interdisciplinary research exploring informal building and the growth of a town. Drawing upon performance and magical realism, in Tultitlán (Mexico) a group of artists, researchers and inhabitants temporarily extends the regular bus line within beyond the confines of Mexico City.
El soldador, el pesero y la ciudad perdida [the soldering iron, the bus, and the lost town] is the title of the performance/video carried as part of the series of actions within the Tultitland framework. The bus line departs from Tultitlán's downtown, towards the farthest settlement–known as la Ciudad Perdida [Lost Town]- carrying a group of passengers and a portable and detachable bus stop.

In a dreamy atmosphere, the bus transports passengers and the bus stop to the furthest and car-accessible place of Sierra de Guadalupe, where the new construction sites emerge within the natural area. The bus stop is set up, then it is dismantled, and brought back to Lost Town, where it is repurposed to be used as a bench for the community soccer field. As part of the research the portable and detachable bus stop construction explores vernacular materials, tools, and processes such as a domestic soldering iron, or the use of melted plastic debris.

El soldador, el pesero y la ciudad perdida (Mexico, 2012, 6'15")
Developed within Idensitat | Barrio MEX, with Gaspar Maza, Elena Muñoz, Ramon Parramon, Laia Solé in collaboration with Amextra NGO, SomosMexas/Jesús López and Thelma García.