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A series of works centered in three highly symbolic institutions in Barcelona: Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Martinenc Soccer Club and Guinardó Civic Center. Terreny de joc, which is an extension of a prior work –see Grada Zer0-, aimed at presenting these spaces and their communities as a single body, by focusing in their commonalities.
One of the works produced within Terreny de joc, consists in a two-channel video installation: one video corresponded to the soccer club and the other one to the hospital. In both videos, the camera moves from the entrails of each building (the dressing room, where individuals integrates to community of workers, players, etc.) towards the exterior. Throughout the passage, the camera captures daily gestures and the ambiance, showing one image as if it were the mirror of the other. The use of the tracking shot is a figure related with the concept of emotion –a combination of e (outside) and motio (movement, action, gesture)– which I associate with this specific location.

This project was inspired by and realized with the collaboration of local workers and neighbors, and produced with the award of the Catalan Council for the Arts, CONCA 2010.