RUIDERO # La Boqueria | NYC |2018
Laia Solé + Thelma García

Conversations btw La Boqueria & Essex Street Market
Aug 6 - Sep 3
Cuchifritos Gallery, New York

What is noise [ruido]? Can noise be appealing? Is noise the great experience of current digital era? How noise affects our experience? Ruidero is an ongoing exploration of everyday life “noises” within city streets by Laia Solé and Thelma García.We isolate and transform visual and auditive bits of information that once displayed on site create "an enhanced present."

Boqueria is one of the most popular markets in Barcelona. In some way, it epitomizes a city's struggle to conciliate massive tourism and local everyday life. The excess of visitors, products, images, sounds, and the experience of this excess are rendered available through a series of overlayered images and soundtracks.

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     @Thelma García within Ruidero, 2018