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Subtle limits: art, inquiry & social space
Abstract + supporting images for the presentation Subtle limits: Art, inquiry & social space within the international conference Educating Creatively, Storyhouse and University of Chester, 2019.

In La Comunidad Ilusoria (2012) anthropologist Marc Augé proposes a simple exercise to explore community. Instead of offering a conclusive definition, he asks the reader to recall a moment from their childhood when he/she had been invited to be part of a community: recall the moment where as an individual one is invited to “franquear y también construir fronteras” [cross and build borders] (2012, p. 20); Inspired by this mode of approaching the subject matter not asking what is it, rather when there has been community and guided by Maxine Greene’s premise that aesthetic encounters endow us with opportunities of breaking through the sense of a petrified reality (1984), this presentation addresses art practices as sites of inquiry. The presentation is structured around for events–dialogues with four artists about their works–opening a space challenging ideas about the self, the other, and our being together.